bohemian drips

"bohemian drips" is a Berlin based artist collective and vinyl-label founded in 2011 by the DJ-duo "lislbar & wermuth". After they hosted different kinds of musical events lislbar curated a Conny Plank tribute-compilation "Who's That Man?" for Grönland Records. As a consequence "bohemian drips" hosted a concert-tour in 2013 dedicated to the infamous producer Plank with representative musicians from the german Krautrock era including Can's Jaki Liebezeit, Embryo, Dieter Moebius and many more. By now the crew has grown and is working on it's first vinyl 12" set to be released in autumn 2014. The record's concept encouraged artists of Berlin's underground-scene to work with the reverberation of a 60 meter long tunnel, setting a framework for a new way of making music, resulting in an unique listening experience. This approach was realized together with KLX Audio's sound engineer Lasse Kuhlmann and his experience with 3D-sound technology.